Boxing Tonight

Boxing Tonight

Boxing Tonight, Scheduled for tonight, March 2, in Verona, New York, boxing enthusiasts can anticipate an exciting lineup of matches. Among the highlights is the title fight between Luis Alberto Lopez and Reiya Abe, spanning 12 rounds for Lopez’s IBF featherweight title. Another significant bout features Otabek Kholmatov against Raymond Ford, contending for the vacant WBA featherweight title over 12 rounds.

Boxing Tonight
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Boxing Tonight: In Addition

Boxing Tonight: In addition, Brian Norman Jr. is set to face Janelson Figueroa Bocachica in a 10-round welterweight match, while Rohan Polanco and Tarik Zaina will go head-to-head in an 8-round welterweight showdown. Nico Ali Walsh will step into the ring for a 6-round middleweight bout against Luke Iannuccilli, and Troy Isley will meet Marcos Hernandez for an 8-round middleweight clash.

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Further down the card, Floyd Diaz will take on Edwin Rodriguez in an 8-round bantamweight match, while Brandon Moore is scheduled to fight Helaman Olguin in an 8-round heavyweight contest. Rounding out the Verona lineup are Bryce Mills versus Gerffred Ngayot in a 6-round junior welterweight bout.

Meanwhile, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the boxing action continues with another compelling card on DAZN. Headlining the event is the title fight between Amanda Serrano and Nina Meinke, lasting 12 rounds for Serrano’s IBF, WBO, and WBA featherweight women’s titles. Also on the card, Jake Paul is set to square off against Ryan Bourland in an 8-round cruiserweight match.

Moreover, Jonathan Gonzalez will defend his WBO junior flyweight title against Rene Santiago in a 12-round title fight. Fans can also look forward to matches like Javon Walton versus Joshua Torres in a 4-round featherweight bout, and Christopher Diaz facing Headley Scott in a 10-round junior lightweight contest.

Further down the San Juan card, Elijah Flores will take on Alejandro Munera in a 6-round welterweight match, while Pedro Marquez is slated to fight Brandon Valdes in an 8-round featherweight clash. Lastly, Krystal Rosado-Ortiz will meet Gloria Munguilla in a 4-round junior bantamweight bout.

Boxing Techniques

The art of boxing techniques: from powerful jabs to intricate footwork, our comprehensive guide unveils the strategies and skills essential for mastering the ring. Learn to bob, weave, and deliver knockout punches with precision. Dive into the world of boxing mastery today.

There are four techniques of boxing-

  1. Defense
  2. Stance
  3. Punches
  4. Unorthodox Strategies


  1. Defense: Explore fundamental techniques for evading and blocking punches in boxing. Discover essential maneuvers to defend against opponents’ strikes, detailed and analyzed in the following sections-
  • Utilize the slip technique in boxing by rotating the body to allow punches to pass harmlessly beside the head. Boxers execute this move by sharply rotating their hips and shoulders, turning the chin sideways to evade incoming punches. Legendary boxers like Muhammad Ali and early Mike Tyson were renowned for their rapid and precise slips.
  • Another defensive technique is swaying or fading, where the boxer anticipates a punch and moves the upper body or head back to either evade it completely or lessen its impact. This technique is also known as ‘rolling with the punch’ or ‘riding the punch.
  • The bob and weave technique in boxing to evade punches effectively. This maneuver involves lateral head movement and lowering the head beneath an incoming punch. Boxers execute this by swiftly bending their legs and shifting their body either to the right or left as the opponent’s punch approaches. After dodging the punch, they return to an upright position, weaving back inside or outside of the opponent’s still-extended arm.
  • Defend against incoming attacks in boxing with the parry/block technique. This defensive strategy employs the boxer’s shoulder, hands, or arms to protect against punches. While blocking typically involves directly receiving a punch, parrying aims to deflect it. Additionally, techniques like “palm,” “catch,” or “cuff” involve intentionally absorbing the punch on the palm portion of the defender’s glove.
  • The cover-up technique in boxing provides a final line of defense against incoming strikes, apart from rolling with a punch. It involves holding the hands high to shield the head and chin while tucking the forearms against the torso to obstruct body shots.

2. Stance:¬† The contemporary boxing stance contrasts significantly with those of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Today’s stance typically features a more upright position with the vertical-armed guard, differing from the horizontal guard with knuckles facing forward, which was favored by early 20th-century hook users like Jack Johnson.

In a fully upright stance, the boxer positions themselves with their legs shoulder-width apart, and the rear foot is placed slightly ahead of the lead foot. For right-handed or orthodox boxers, the left foot and fist lead (for increased power). Both feet are parallel, with the right heel lifted. The lead fist is held vertically about six inches in front of the face at eye level, while the rear fist is positioned beside the chin, with the elbow tucked against the ribcage to protect the body.

3. Punches: Boxing comprises four fundamental punches: the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. Any punch apart from the jab is categorized as a power punch. In orthodox stance, where the boxer is right-handed, the lead hand is the left hand, and the rear hand is the right hand. Conversely, for a southpaw or left-handed boxer, this arrangement is reversed. For clarity, the following description assumes a right-handed boxer.

4. Unorthodox Strategies:¬†Unorthodox strategies in boxing unveil a realm of tactical innovation. Among the main four types is the “rope-a-dope,” famously employed by Muhammad Ali, where a boxer appears to retreat against the ropes, enticing opponents to exhaust themselves. The “bolo punch” showcases a circular motion, delivering unexpected power and momentum. An “overhand” punch adds an element of surprise, descending from an unanticipated angle to catch opponents off guard. Lastly, the “check hook” is a defensive counterpunch, executed while retreating, often disrupting an opponent’s advancing attack. These strategies redefine conventional boxing tactics, offering fighters strategic advantages and unpredictable maneuvers.












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